Cane Seminar Huge Success!

The la Canne Vigny walking stick self-defense seminar was a huge success this past Saturday -- thanks mainly to the organization and sales skills of Morgan Mitchell!  The weather was sunny and beautiful, just a little chilly, and everybody learned a ton.

Some memorable words overheard during the 90-minute session:

  • "What's the secret sauce in the martial arts?  Intent!"
  • "Oops."  And then...
  • "Thanks for the reminder Tucker.  Let's all put on goggles before we go any further."
  • "I think my arm is falling off."
  • "Is this a wedding reception or martial arts seminar?"
  • "I think I need to start working out more often."
  • "How do you make your arm do that?"
  • "Hit it like Serena Williams!"
  • "I'll take those gloves now."

Here are some great photos taken by Leo (thanks Leo!) and a short video clip of the physical training portion of the seminar at the bottom (we call it "command and mastery" of the weapon).