New Month, New Constitutional, New Focuses, New Dispatch

This month’s focuses are Basic Self-Defense and The Book. Our new constitutional:

Jump Squats (100)
Lunges (100)
Crunches (100)
Bear Walk (100 yds)
Get-ups (25)
Mountain Cimbers (100)
Sprints (50 x 12')

There’s so much going on around here we can’t even see straight. As you can see by the picture on the right, we now have a new monthly constitutional and two new focuses.

In addition to that, thanks to our new newsletter editor James A. Williams, a big ol’ honkin’ Cabal Fang State of the Art Dispatch just got mailchimped out into the web-o-sphere this afternoon. It’s our biggest and most jam-packed issue ever. If you aren’t subscribed to the CFSOTAD, follow this link to read it online.

Ex Gladio Scientia!