Firefly Style: Cabal Fang Martial Arts Training Involution #157

“If you can’t run, you walk.  If you can’t walk, you crawl.  If you can’t crawl, you find someone to carry you.” ~Firefly

This week’s T.I. is about understanding the power of realizing you are not alone.


You are going to struggle with this involution. When you do, you’re going to be forced to do two things: modify the exercises and get your head straight. Rest assured that if you were training with the rest of the Cabal Fang crew, none of us would ever let you quit. Imagine you’re there with us, that we’re encouraging you, helping you, making suggestions regarding how to modify exercises, and urging you to dig deep.

Your brothers and sisters in Cabal Fang are right there with you. Now go get it done.


  • Warm up for a full 8 minutes.

  • 3 sets of HSPUs to failure. If you can’t do HSPUs, do Jackknife Push-ups. If you can’t do them, do Regular Push-ups.

  • 3 sets of Squats. 2 x 5 + 1 set to failure. Pick a weight that works for you (I used 110 lbs).

  • 10 x 10 yards of Heavy Bear Walks. Select two hex dumbbells. Go way lighter than you think you need. I used 10 pounders. Bear Walk with dumbbells in hand for 10 yards. Stop and do 10 Push-ups with a Plank Row between, alternating sides. Repeat 10 more times for a total of 100 yards of Bear Walks, 100 Push-ups and 100 Rows.

  • Unless you are Captain America, you are going to fail at this. When you start failing, imagine all of the other people in Cabal Fang working right there with you. If you gas on the Bear Walks, drop the dumbbells and go on without them. If you gas on the Push-ups or Plank Rows, come up and do them on knees. Switch to lighter dumbbells halfway through if necessary. Make whatever changes you have to make and take as many 12-count breaks as you need. The only rule is don’t give up.

  • Cool down for 3 minutes.

  • Stretch and practice contemplation.

  • Record what you learned in your training journal.