Cabal Fang Training Videos

A series of free training videos are being produced for practicing orders of Cabal Fang.  The series is called Cabal Fang Uncut and Elder Charles Ellis and I are filming now.  The first video is called “Basic Strikes” and is already available.

Each video will be approximately thirty minutes, and is intended to represent a full month of training focus.  Our goal is to have an entire year of video training available no later than March 1st 2015.

The Cabal Fang Uncut video series is available free of charge, but only to sanctioned orders of Cabal Fang.  For more information on Cabal Fang, to locate an order near you, or to find out how to start your own club (we call them “orders”), visit the Cabal Fang website or read the Cabal Fang Manual (links below).  If you still have questions, send an email.