Witches cannot move things with their minds.
Witches cannot conjure fireballs in their hands.
Witches cannot teleport, or time travel, or resurrect, or levitate, or anything else that you’ve seen on Charmed, Sabrina, or AHS Coven.
That is television. It is not real.

I don’t understand what the point of this post is if not to just shit on other people and their beliefs. What skin is it off your nose what someone else believes? 

It’s not to shit on anything, it’s to explain to new and young witches, who often come to the craft with expectations of fictional and fantastical powers, that those powers are not real and that those expectations will never be met.

And while we’re staying in lanes, how about you stay in yours?

Who are you to be explaining what beliefs are legitimate or not to anyone? 

I’ll repeat what I’ve already said:

Belief in something that cannot be proven or disproven (i.e. the existence of gods) is an act of faith which I fully support.

Belief in something that has been categorically disproven and is impossible due to the laws of physics is an act of stupidity.

Once again, I cannot believe that I am having to defend a statement that superpowers aren’t real. Seriously?

Maybe someone can fireball with their mind? But is camera shy. Or something else fun like that.

Or maybe Maybe MAYBE they just aren’t real.

it’s hilarious to think @cunningcelt that the category of “belief” people put in about witchcraft are FICTIONAL, yes FICTIONAL TV SHOWS. really?!!!! has the craft come to that?!!!!! I am dissapointed! I

If throwing fireballs and
levitating is the aim of your practice, then
ok. I have no right to say you are crazy. It is your practice. Enjoy yourself and I pray to the Gods you do not dissapoint yourself.

But seriously there is much more depth to the practice of witchcraft than these mere feats of physics. You are missing a whole lot more of
spiritual growth and self transformation.
To be honest, It is my opinion that throwing fireballs and sparks from your fingers do nothing for my spirituality but merely feed the petty human ego. It is what I wish to
transcend from in this practice

I hope you people wake up into the reality that the beliefs you need to put your faith in are not what you see on television because they look “cool” and “awesome”. because to be honest they are cool and awesome indeed. who wouldn’t want to do that?! I would…. but that’s my ego petty self and I’m not delusional.

Have faith in the witches and magicians who have lived in the past, and are living in the present reality. People who are living their practice and passed their traditions through word of mouth and books. People who want to make you see in the dark, not with superhuman eyes, but with eyes wide open to the truth that all life is not sparkles and fairydust, that it is filled with pain, darkness and sorrow. People who wish to make you see, not through walls, but through the veil of the spirit.

People who want to make you fly, not literally like a bird, but fly towards the goal of elevating yourself towards becoming a better person and transcending your own intrapersonal limitations.

People who wantto make you set fire, not with fireballs, but with your inner fire, that inspires others and drives you to achieving your goals. (and by goals I mean, tangible realistic goals)

Sorry people, but I am with cunningcelt and nexas-the-sorcerer here.
Bash all you want, it is only you who will dissapoint yourself.

I would add that, in the same way that fish dreamt of someday taking flight and later did, by evolving into flying fish and even birds, we must aspire to transcend human limits. You can’t achieve the incredible until you attempt the impossible.